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NEW : The native version for BlackBerry 10 is now available

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To be secure with your smartphone using mobilEEnigma is very easy to do.

No need to have National security secret or be a secret agent to start encrypting or ciphering your data. It’s only common sens, we never send out to unsecured web site our financial information or credit card info right?

But what about email, SMS, or even our own super smartphone device?

How many note contains complexe password, DOB, security social number, passport number and so on.

Are they encrypted? No idea right?

Why not add another easy security level!

First, install mobilEEnigma using your store or market for your device.

Type in your plain text, select a strong secret password or passphrase, then by touching the Cipher menu option, the plain text will be ciphered and copied to the device’s memory, ready to be pasted into another application like sms, email, notes, etc…

To decipher the ciphered text, copy it to the device’s memory from the application used, then start mobilEEnigma, type the secret password or passphrase used to cipher the original plain text, select the Decipher menu option, and your plain text will appear in the editor.

mobilEEnigma is an application to cipher your plain text.

Never send out any plain text with sensitive information.