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Over encryption

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As you probably seen already, encrypting with the app mobilEEnimga is very easy and fast too, but if what you may not remark yet, you can also do over encryption on your data.

See how, that can be done …

First, encrypt a some sensitive connection information, for this purpose I will a use a reminder connection information for my fictive mail server.

Password: UserPassword

Using a easy password: mobilEEnigma

Not just encrypt again with something stronger : Это красивый день! (it’s a beautiful day! in Russian with GoogleTranslator)

Or in korean instead : 멋진 날 끝이야!

Thanks to google translator, but I may use any translator in that case, the only purpose on this explanation, you may add more security by adding randomness to passphrase by translate it and use a translator tool.

At this point, the attacker will have to find not just the words but the language also!
If anyone is tempting to use dictionary attack on that cipher text, it will become another challenge, then using a English dictionary attack.

It’s a beautiful day!