iPhone / iPad

Here are the detailed instructions

1. Type your plain Text
2. Enter a secret password or passphrase
3. Cipher it (Your cipher text will be copied into shared memory device for you)
4. Paste the cipher text with any application in your device
5. Touch Contact button to use your contact list or to Cipher them

The application viewed at start.

The plain text area is where you type in your plain text, or copy it.

At the bottom of the screen you will find the password or the passphrase entry that you have to type.

The bottom menu bar is where you will find different options, [cipher], [decipher], [contacts], [email] and [0] to reset all fields and shared memory.

Like any text editor, you may type as much plain text as you want. If you need to type a very long text, we suggest using officEEnigma directly from your Desktop.

When you have finished to edit your plain text, hit [done] button it will bring you to the next step, passphrase entry.

Select a secret password or passphrase. Use any combination of text, digits, symbols or spaces in any language you like.

The key to cipher security is a unique key that only you select. Using a passphrase may provide superior security than a small password.

We suggest that you take your time deciding the best password or passphrase for your purposes.

Please note, for a safety purpose, there is no functionality to save the password or passphrase in your device.

After you have finished typing your text and have selected a secret password or passphrase, just use the [cipher] menu option and mobilEEnigma will cipher your plain text and copy it for you to the device memory.

At this point, the cipher text is already copied to the device’s memory and is ready to be pasted to any application such as email, SMS, notes, etc…

Now, to Decipher the text, just touch the [decipher] button.

You may use the Email menu option to launch the email application of your device and automatically add the Cipher text in your email body.

By touching the button [contacts] you may select any contact to use their email address to send the Cipher text.

When the Contact as been Ciphered, it will be list with color red in Engima section.

To view the contact details, simply select it.

The details view of a contact.

By using the ‘E2′ button the contact information can be Cipher or Decipher. A Cipher will appear encrypt in the default iPhone Contact app.

Emails, phones and addresses can be touch to launch a new call in case of the phone number, googles maps for addresses and return to message editor for emails addresses.

The note field can be edit inside mobilEEnigma for Cipher or Plain contacts, the edited note will be automatically encrypt using the password or passphrase provided in the the first screen of mobilEEnigma.

The Cipher solution for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Never send out any plain text with sensitive information.